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Fragment Comet with custom Amtico Signature Spectrum features to create a unique rainbow effect

Paultons Family Theme Park is a popular attraction, welcoming over a million visitors each year. In 2011, Paultons launched the UK exclusive and world’s first ‘Peppa Pig World’, with themed rides, indoor and outdoor play areas, plus a restaurant and gift shop.

HPW Architects, a local interior design practice specialising in sustainable design, were commissioned for the project. Lead designer, Alex Urqhart had specific designs in mind for the zoned areas, creating imaginative, fun and functional floors for the entrance, restaurant area and gift shop. A number of Amtico Signature products were used in the interior schemes, covering over 14,000 square metres of floor space. Varnished Oak was specified for the Wild Woods restaurant giving the feeling of warmth, but keeping the scheme upbeat and fun.

Amtico Signature - Varinshed Oak in the Wild Woods restaurant

Amtico Signature – Varinshed Oak in the Wild Woods restaurant

The brief from Paultons was fairly open except for a need for customers to exit through the gift shop at the end of the day. The final result has created a fun and colourful floor with department accents, rainbows at the shop entrance and a clear ‘road’ through the shop for customers that require a speedy exit.

Amtico was chosen over other products as no other flooring company was able to offer the colour palette and level of design required for this project along with the assurance of durability and low maintenance.

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Amtico Signature – Fragment Comet and Fragment Orion are used with Napoli and Ecuador to create this custom floor to guide customers through the Paultons Park gift shop

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