What Fuels Designers’ Creativity?

What Fuels Designers’ Creativity?

Our studio is at the heart of our design process. A hub for ideas where inspirations are discussed, disseminated and channeled into our floor collections.

Our designers are continuously traveling the world, sifting through the global landscape, camera in hand capturing their experiences. Upon entering the studio you’re often taken on that journey; around the high-energy streets of Tokyo to the rocky outcrops of the North Devon coastline.

The inspiration that fuels our designer’s creativity is fascinating and at the 100% Design Show we had the privilege of sharing this with some fabulous bloggers:

“I was enthralled by their designer’s passion for flooring and all the thought and creativity that goes into their products,” commented Igor Josif in a recent blog post.

Modenus was hooked by our inspiration boards commenting; “They’re a cross between mood boards and a scrapbook.”

Our designers ‘FLOORED’ Christian May; “After talking to Amtico’s designers, and viewing the possibilities of their incredibly diverse product range, I’m completely psyched about how I can use their product in all kinds of cool ways.”

Christian May of Maison 21

Christian May of Maison 21 fame

We took the opportunity to unlock a tiny bit of our designers creative narrative in our latest video interview. Take a look at our very own Karen Quarterman, Product Design Manager and Lorna Williams, Head of Product Design share their inspirations.

What inspires you? We’re interested to finding out more about where inspiration comes from. What has recently caught your eye? Let us know?

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