Top Tips – Steps Needed to Obtain a Floor Quote #AskTheFitter

Top Tips – Steps Needed to Obtain a Floor Quote #AskTheFitter

#AskTheFitter this week we are looking at the steps needed to get a new floor quotation.

So we caught up with Scott Carter-Dowding of SCD Flooring. With over 17 years’ experience in the flooring profession, Scott has lots of expertise to share and knows a thing or two about the steps to obtaining the best quote you can!

Over to Scott…

Helping with the floor choice:

When I meet clients they generally have an idea of what they want. And it’s up to me as a professional to re-create their “thinking” into a floor design that they are going to love and that fits their lifestyle. Room shape, style, desired-look, position of borders, pattern and size of cuts are all important factors in the quotation process.

As with all luxury vinyl tiles the design possibilities are endless and Amtico’s range is both classic and contemporary. For example, when a client wants a wood strip floor and wants a truly authentic look then our experience and knowledge will ensure that happens. We guide them through design ideas looking at border styling options, complementary feature strips, laying on a 45 degree – all crucial steps in ensuring that we can create the perfect floor to suit the client.

What is involved with a floor inspection:

The initial site inspection is one of the most important points of any installation. Accurate measurement is vital and it is part of our job to check that the floor is clean, dry and structurally sound.

Our first task is to check the substrate for moisture. The substrate is the concrete, masonry, wood or stone surface that the floor will be applied to. Moisture can have an adverse effect on the installation, but don’t worry there are lots of ways to eliminate it, which is why we want to know up front.

Next we carry out a hygrometry test to determine the exact RH% (relative humidity) of the subfloor – it’s just another sort of moisture test but an important one.

Throughout testing us ‘fitters’ will keep a keen eye out and make a note of any surface defects that may need to be addressed to ensure the floor is perfect!

I’m a firm believer that it is our responsibility as flooring professionals to keep our clients informed every step of the way, what we are doing and why we are doing it. Everything must be recorded as part of the quotation process and witnessed by the client – this protects us both and is a professional way to operate.

Measuring the room:

It seems obvious, but worth mentioning! We need to measure the dimensions of the room to determine the amount of material to be used for the project. We know that not all rooms are square and that’s just fine.

Spacia Ebony fitted into a lounge area by SCD Flooring.Spacia Ebony fitted into a lounge area by SCD Flooring.

What should be in a quotation?

Detail, detail, detail…we’ll specify the product name, quantities, adhesive requirements as well as labour requirements, moisture suppressants and any other activity that needs to be completed to ensure the floor is perfect.

Floor plan diagram:

Once we’ve measured the room we’ll be able to create a scale diagram of the floor design. Amtico offers a variety of different installation possibilities which needs to be planned out.

SCD Flooring - Staircase & landing

How long will an installation take?

A standard room will usually take a total of two days; however that depends on preparation needed – we want to make sure that the flooring has been acclimatised to manufacturers spec beforehand. The floor prep is the most important part of the installation as this will dictate the performance of the floor and the finished appearance. Bad prep work will shadow through the floor and excessive moisture will cause the floor to fail. At this point we’ll address any moisture issues, flooring defects and apply the relevant adhesive.

Once the prep work has been completed the installation is basically a big jigsaw puzzle. If as all the design aspects have been covered and agreed at point of sale, the floor is marked out paying attention to the centre lines and the flooring installed as per the agreed plan. The design layout could mean an installation takes longer.

Hope that helps!

Scott’s has been a great guest blogger and passionate community member, he admits: “I am and always will be an installer at heart and this is where my main focus lies.” He’s brought some valuable insight in this post, thanks Scott, but if you have any other questions let us know, we’re happy to help.

SCD Flooring LogoScott has been running SCD Flooring since 2000 and is based in the north east region.



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