Making an entrance with bold floor design

Making an entrance with bold floor design

A hallway or entrance offers an opportunity to be creative, to set the scene and reflect the essence of the building and of course to welcome guests.

We caught up with Louise Macartney, Interior Designer at Harrison Ince Architects. Louise has recently been involved with two refurbishments where she dared to be bold with their entrance spaces and created unique designs for each.

Taking inspiration from the pub’s logo’s Louise wanted to recreate this within the floor design and the entrance was a perfect place to make such a  statement. Louise explains: “Amtico’s custom design service allowed us to transform our initial idea into reality, creating a greater sense of identity for each pub.”

As a well-used space, durability is an important factor when considering pub flooring. Louise went on to say: “Both pubs are extremely busy so they needed a floor that could withstand the demanding usage and footfall for many years to come.” The hard-wearing attributes of our flooring fitted the bill.

Amtico floor bespoke design at Weatherspoons
The Court of Requests, Oldbury

Louise’s designs showcase the bespoke application of our product. If you have any projects you’d like to share, please get in touch. We’d love to share your work with our community.



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