Lorna in Mix

MIX is one of the leading interiors publications that focuses on commercial design, colour and trends.

This month MIX put their editorial spotlight on Lorna Williams – the Product and Brand Design Manager at Amtico.

The creative inspiration behind many of our most successful designs, it is Lorna’s true love of texture and colour that is the essence of her creative make-up.

Like many gifted designers she takes inspiration and ideas from unexpected places.  Using her specialist skills she shapes trends, creativity and inspiration into the beautiful flooring designs that eventually go on to have great appeal for our customers.

So if you want to find out a little more about the world of flooring design through the eyes of a successful designer then read on here.

Article reproduced by kind permission of Mix Interiors Magazine.

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  1. Reko - 12/05/2012

    All of her designs are befutiaul, and I love how she’s been inspired by Morocco. The black/cream one has to be my favourite though, as it’s intense and glamorous. Would look great on a wall with textured/reflective wallpaper! x

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