Individuality and Impact – Amtico Flooring Motifs

Individuality and Impact – Amtico Flooring Motifs

Sometimes an area of flooring needs something to create a focal point or add impact. Our motifs are perfect in this capacity, bringing a touch of glamour and drama to a floor, being specifically designed to transform a space and make a real impression. 

Your style, your choice

We offer a great range of motifs in a variety of colours and sizes. All you need to do is pick a motif from our collection, then combine as many Amtico Signature products as you want within it to create your own individual flooring design.

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Location, location, location

Where you decide to place your motif is an important consideration. Motifs are traditionally used in entrance halls and conservatories in the home. They can also be used in contemporary spaces, such as entertaining areas, to create interesting focal points. However, there are no strict rules about where to place a motif, so, go ahead and get creative.


Design tips

Here is some expert guidance from our own design team to bear in mind when choosing a motif:

  • Think about the motif size – it shouldn’t dominate the room
  • Incorporate a key colour from your furnishings into your motif – this will pull the overall scheme together
  • Consider the laying pattern around a motif – the last thing you want is a motif that clashes with the surrounding floor




Our motif at Grand Designs Live

We recently showcased our very own motif at the Grand Designs Live exhibition. The motif helped transform the floor on our stand into an eye-catching design. It combined several products from the Amtico Signature range – using products from the wood, stone and abstract collections. Take a look below.

Grand Designs Live

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  1. Canvas Artwork - 17/06/2013

    These are all very gorgeous but the first picture is so awesome! Very unique and beautiful, I love the clock but I love the floor design more.

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