Hello and welcome to the all-new Amtico design blog!

We’re thrilled to have this chance to connect with all you design-obsessed people out there. It allows us an excellent opportunity to share our expertise and gives you a direct line to our globe-trotting designers. And those designers are out there right now, searching for the latest and greatest in the world of interior design.

What to expect

Creativity is almost impossible in isolation. We all need opinion, information and inspiration from everywhere (and everyone!) to help form our design ideas. With this in mind, our blog will be a forum for sharing everything we love about design in the home. So, whether you’re looking for inspiration on interiors, useful flooring advice or are just in the mood to browse some beautiful architectural photography, this is the place for you!

Who we are

Our design team travel the world to discover exciting new styles, regularly visiting the world’s interior design, furniture and textile shows. This extensive travelling means we can offer you the most up-to-date and in-depth view on emerging trends and fashions. With this wealth of experience and enthusiasm, our design team will write regular features to ensure you’ve always got your finger on the pulse.

As well as our design team, our dedicated team of bloggers will be keeping you abreast of all that’s occurring in the wider design world. Drawing inspiration from the world of art, furniture design, architecture and beyond!

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