Happy New Year from Amtico

Welcome back everyone! The turkey leftovers have been eaten, the Old Lang Synes have been sung and the decorations packed away (maybe). It’s time to look to the future and the year ahead.

So, what should we look forward to from the Amtico blog in the coming months?

Firstly we’ll be looking at what’s set to be hot in the design world for the year ahead. This will tie-in with a new feature for the Amtico blog, where you’ll get the chance to meet our designers; the same designers who travel the world to ensure you’re getting the most fashionable flooring out there.

We’ll also be taking a look at the practicalities of flooring, and asking our experts for their professional advice.

On top of all this we’ll be featuring the latest and greatest in the design world as well as following up on some of the content recommended to us by our readers.

So, if you think we’ll like it, or if you think we’ve missed a trick, let us know by commenting and we’ll be in contact…

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