Hands-on Craft with Su Blackwell

At Clerkenwell design week we stumbled across Su Blackwell (an artist and art director, working predominantly within the realm of paper sculpture) running a paper engineering workshop at Milliken and one of our Amtico Designers, Sarah Escott took part.

The workshop involved intricate cut-work to build a three dimensional watch constructed of paper, even the tiny hands were carefully cut and raised above the face.

Watch template - from Su Blackberry workshop

Picture description: The template

It was a wonderful opportunity to return to hands-on craft and use a familiar material in a different way.

Take a look at how Sarah progressed:

Su Blackwell demonstration at Clerkenwell Design Week

Picture description: Su Blackwell demonstrating the process

Cutting the template

Picture description: Scalpel at the ready

Amtico design team at Su Blackwell demonstration - work in progress

Picture description: Watch base complete

Su Blackwell demonstration - heads down

Picture description: Concentration in the room

Su Blackwell demonstration

Picture description: Finished watch


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