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Please welcome @1storybuilding to our blog.

Following the recent refurbishment of her sun room where the Twitter community helped her with her floor layout; straight or herringbone, we couldn’t resist asking @1storybuilding to share her experience.  In her own words read about ‘Project Sunroom;’

The old carpeting in our sun-room was just awful.  It was impossible to keep clean, it had frayed at the edges, and much to our dismay we discovered that there were actually two different kinds of carpet in the room when we dismantled the previous homeowner’s bookcases.

Amtico new room design - old carpet

Replacing the carpet became even more important to me as my active, curious, and adventurous baby began to crawl around and play in this room.  Even though I was desperate for new flooring, I really took the time to research all of my options…ceramic tile, polished concrete, broadloom carpet, seagrass, you name it, I researched it.

In the end, I opted for Amtico Black Chestnut and am 100% confident that it was the best choice for my family as it represents the best combination of durability and style.  I couldn’t be happier.


The company that installed the floors was meticulous about preparing the surface.

Preparing floor for Amtico installation

Once the sub-floor was prepared, the actual installation was a breeze. I was pleased at how quickly the room came together.


Of course, as a mom, I love the durability of Amtico flooring.  I don’t worry in the least when my son drags his toys across the floor.

Amtico floor is great for homes with children

Unlike with carpet, vinyl floors are non-porous they do not absorb moisture so I don’t have to worry about stains or spills – our house in the  summer is all about playing outside, grilling, and entertaining our friends.

Because our sun-room is adjacent to the backyard, I wanted a floor that could hold up to a steady stream of traffic from our family and guests.  In addition to being durable, I wanted something that was comfortable underfoot especially as my toddler son is still learning to walk, and he has taken a few tumbles on our new flooring without any problem at all.


Although durability was an important factor I still wanted something that had style and Amtico’s Black Chestnut really left me giddy.  I chose vinyl wood planks because they are a close match to the ebony-stained hardwood floors that we already have throughout our house.  Everyone who comes into our sunroom is shocked when we tell them that the flooring is vinyl.

Take a look for yourself.

Amtico Black Chestnut in the sunroom

Importantly, the flooring looks just as good up close as it does from a distance.


Wood grain effect of Amtico Black Chestnut

Dollar for dollar, pound for pound I don’t think that there is a better luxury vinyl flooring option than Amtico.

Many thanks to @1storybuilding for agreeing to be a guest blogger for us, she documented the entire room refurbishment, from flooring to furniture and finishing’s, in her blog, read more about her experience here; http://www.onestorybuilding.com

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