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It’s #AskTheFitter time yet again and we go behind the scenes to find out the issues and questions that our Amtico certified fitters come across on a daily basis – whether that’s how to care for our Amtico floor or high-heel related anxiety! Our second post in the #AskTheFitter blog series comes from Karl at Pearson Floorings in Southport.

Alchemy Haze with Concrete Pale feature stripping

Established in 1967 by Karl’s father, family run Pearson Floorings are based in the North West and are amongst one of the most experienced fitters in the country (2012 will mark their 45th year in business!). The company have an officially approved Amtico design showroom and have been using Amtico products for 30 years.

Q. What is the difference between Amtico & Spacia?

They are both great products but the first difference between them is the wear layer – Amtico has a 1mm wear layer whilst Spacia is 0.55mm. The second being the tile size and design options, Spacia tiles come in 2 or 3 sizes where as an Amtico tile can be produced in numerous sizes as well as being used within signature layouts, borders or motifs (even bespoke company logos).

Q. How can I best care for my new Amtico floor after installation?

The best way to care for your Amtico floor is by having entrance mats, felt pad protection on furniture legs and by following regular maintenance procedures. Daily sweeping to remove any loose dirt/debris and regular mopping with Amtico Floorcare maintainer can go a long way. Periodically, the floors dressing can be stripped and reapplied if needed!

Q. Will my Amtico floor be damaged by high-heels?

Because of the way Amtico and Spacia are manufactured, high heel shoes will not damage Amtico flooring in the same way as they may damage a solid wooden floor.

Q. If my Amtico floor gets scratched? What can I do?

If an Amtico floor is looked after properly and with regular maintenance no scratching should ever occur.  If you do encounter minor scratches, this can be minimalized by thoroughly cleaning the floor and applying Amtico floor dressing.

Q. What’s been the strangest/funniest job/question you’ve been asked for a job

We once fitted a fantastic Amtico floor in a garage for a man who only wanted the very best for his Porsche collection!

Our thanks go out to Karl for taking the time to answer some of your most commonly asked questions! We are always on the look out for fitters to get involved with our blog – so if you’d like to be part of #AskTheFitter send a tweet to @AmticoFlooring or leave us a comment and we will be in touch.


Name: Pearson Floorings Limited

Address: Unit 4 Birkdale Trading Estate, Birkdale, Southport, PR8 4PZ

Telephone: 01704 579999 (lines open 7days 8am-8pm)

Web: www.pearsonfloorings.co.uk

Email: orders@pearsonfloorings.co.uk





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