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This week we talk to one of Amtico’s many qualified fitters and faithful Twitter followers (of our @AmticoFlooring account) to discuss why they recommend Amtico to customers as well as explain to consumers everything about the Amtico installation process – how long it takes, what happens during the job and why they personally like working with Amtico.

Meet Darren of Eclipse Flooring and the man behind the ever active @eclipseflooring Twitter account. Darren started up Eclipse Flooring with his friend Paul in 1998 and work all over the north west, but mainly Merseyside.

Q. Why would you always recommend having someone like yourself installing flooring rather than doing it yourself?

There are lots of reasons why you should get Amtico qualified fitters. Firstly, preparation; getting the preparation right first time is crucial otherwise it won’t matter what the floor looks like – the wrong plywood or screed used would mean the floor won’t last a year.

Secondly, customers get the benefit of our experience in regards to design ideas and colours. I take pictures of all my floors so the customer can get see the different varieties of Amtico I have laid, they act as a guide to the end result.

But most of all it’s about the fitting of the Amtico – setting out, cutting and fitting all needs to be done perfectly so that you’re left with a floor you’re proud of and will last many years.

Photo: An example of an Eclipse Flooring Amtico installation

Q. What steps usually take place when someone has a floor fitted?

When fitting a floor, I go round to measure up and give advice about design, colour, quantity etc. Then I usually ring or email a price across and when that’s accepted I go back to the customer to pick the final floor and do any damp tests. Then all that’s left is fitting the floor!

Q. On average, how long does it take to put down a vinyl product like Amtico?

If the floor is a ‘1 room job’ (as it is most times) then the job will take 2 days usually, possibly a third if there’s a complex design. The first day is used to screed/plywood the floor and the second for fitting.

Q. Why do you like working with Amtico as a retailer?

Amtico for me, nothing comes close and I’ve fitted them all. With a 1mm wear layer and more designs then any other LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) its always the best product to offer the customer. With a lot of cheap LVTs on the market it’s always a worry when you fit them as you simply don’t know whether they will last. With Amtico I can sleep at night knowing it will last a long long time.

Q. How has the internet and things like Twitter/Facebook/Forums changed the way you do business?

The internet has been great for flooring help and advice. Forums are a great place to chat to other floor layers about problems they face on the job.

I use Facebook and Twitter for posting product information, promoting offers and publishing photos from jobs – which has helped win a lot of work over the last few years.

Q. What’s been the strangest experience you’ve had on a job?

I put a custom Amtico motif in a living room floor for a footballer who came back from the shops just as I’d finished with a £3000 rug which he rolled out over the motif?! Money to burn!

Name: Darren at Eclipse Flooring
Twitter: @EclipseFlooring
Web: www.eclipseflooring.co.uk
Location: North West
Tel: 0151 639 7941


Many thanks to Darren and Eclipse Flooring for agreeing to answer a few questions. If you’re a retailer and want to talk about your experiences fitting Amtico then send us a tweet or leave us a comment at the bottom of the article.

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