Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

January is a long month for everyone. The sparkle and magic of Christmas are long gone and the thought of holidays are all that’s keeping us warm. Feeling blue doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing though. Blues are once again top of the colour trends list for 2014 with different ocean hues set to be big for Spring/Summer.

1. Paris  2. Pacific  3. Helsinki

1. Paris 2. Pacific 3. Helsinki

Prepare your home and embrace the blues with Amtico’s flooring ideas like Paris, Pacific and Helsinki from the Abstract Collection. The rich teal mixed with royal navy creates a bold yet sophisticated palette and will ensure your home has cutting edge style. Use the cool, icy hue of Pacific to give bathrooms or kitchens a subtle 2014 update. If you opt for darker shades on walls and flooring, remember to keep furniture and accessories light so the room doesn’t become to dark and overpowering.

EquatorWave, ShimmerMetal, FragmentMeteor and Napoli Portr

Equator Wave, ShimmerMetal, FragmentMeteor and Napoli

If you prefer a subtler way to embrace the trend, then why not look at using slate tiles which incorporate grey and blue hues like Equator Wave from the Signature range.

1. Shimmer Metal  2. Paris  3. Equator Wave

1. Shimmer Metal 2. Paris 3. Equator Wave

To really pick out the different colours seen in Equator Wave, try mixing the tile with Paris or Shimmer Metal, both from the Signature Collection. Grey is the perfect colour to compliment different shades of blue and the tones work together to create a timeless, classic look. Why not try combining Shimmer Denim from the Signature Collection and Softline Ink from the Spacia Collection, seen below.

Shimmer Denim and Softline Ink

Shimmer Denim and Softline Ink

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