Textures that Inspire Designers

Distressed fabrics, sheer metals, fractured light – Inspiration for Amtico flooring can come from anything.

Amtico Design Team InspirationSource: Esther Blake, Textile Designer

At Amtico we love combining unconventional styles and materials to bring to life the most beautiful floor finishes, creating unique and truly innovative designs.

Amtico Abstract Collection
Source: Colin Sheen, Jewellery Designer

The Infinity collection began with a desire to produce something fresh and modern that drew on contemporary trends but resulted in a one-of-a-kind style.

Unlike any other finish we produce, Infinity evolved organically. Using our manufacturing expertise, and employing our innovative design techniques, Infinity emerged and immediately revolutionised Amtico’s range of Abstracts.

The result is a finish that uses special pigments to give a shimmering metallic texture, producing a fluid organic movement and creating the illusion of depth. An effect that inspired us to create this beautiful interior:

Amtico Infinity Living Room Setting

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