Amtico Abstracts: Creative flooring designs for creative imaginations

Amtico’s designers are relentless in their quest for inspirational new flooring styles. The Abstracts range reflects that dedication and illustrates the creative freedom enjoyed by the team.

This exciting series of textures and finishes draws inspiration from cultural and artistic trends, fabrics and metals, the natural world and man-made environments…so just about everywhere!

The Infinity range uses newly developed techniques in manufacturing and design to achieve the fabulous effect of this metallic look flooring. This spectacular effect lends a shimmering and shifting metallic feel to any space.

Patina demonstrates the taste for distressed effect raw-materials that set our trend-sense tingling this year. But rather than follow the crowd, we strayed a little, creating flooring that alluded to the raw-metal effect, but boasted an undulating texture with fluctuations of light revealing its hidden depths.

Giving the Abstracts range a more natural feel, Alchemy blends ultra-modern trends and classic sophistication seamlessly. Our flooring designers love this – such fluidity in design! Beautiful.

So, if you’re looking for a bold, contemporary look, or a classic and natural feel, the Abstracts range from Amtico has it all. We’ve covered just three of the 48 Abstract finishes on offer! Order a brochure or visit one of our showrooms to experience the whole range…

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