Colour vs. Neutral – The Battle Begins

Ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to rid ourselves of a fear that’s gripped the nation for years!

The technical name for this fear is Chromophobia. To you and I that’s a fear of colours, or as I like to call it, the ‘Kirsty and Phil effect’. Of course, this term refers to the fashion – from the 90’s and Noughties – of using neutral colour palettes in interior design.

Home improvement shows, such as ‘Location, Location, Location’ and ‘Property Ladder’, ardently preached the benefits of such palettes for use in both homes and commercial properties. And the advice for the time was good. It made homeowners and developers realise that decorating a space in pale, light-coloured hues presented the property as a ‘blank-canvass’ to prospective buyers. During the housing-market boom such quick sale tips were very welcome. And if you were really desperate for a splash of colour you could indulge your rebellious side with a bold feature wall or vibrant accessories. But since the downturn in the market and subsequent recession, things have started to change.

Many homeowners are now choosing to stay in their homes for longer, opting instead to extend, update or simply redecorate. As a result many homeowners are injecting more of their individual tastes and style preferences in to the design of their homes. This ethos is now being adopted in the commercial sector, with the inclusion of bold colours, as well as modern textures and designs.

At Amtico we know very well that flooring can be used to great effect when looking to make a colour statement. Wood and wood-effect flooring in vintage or distressed styles, many with greyed-off tones and natural features result in palettes from chalky whites to intense dark browns. Our Abstract range is already well in line with this shift in design preference, providing customers with unique and contemporary finishes for modern spaces.

We’re currently seeing splashes of colour, unconventional textures and glimmer effects coming to the fore this season…Fab!

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  1. Gerard McGuickin - 11/12/2011

    Kirsty & Phil have much to answer for. In fact they should ceremoniously be kicked off TV! Love that Rosewood floor in the pic above. I believe people shouldn’t fear using colour but they should really think about what they want to use it for. Often a hint of colour with a grey and wood palette beautiful.

    • Amtico Blog Team - 12/12/2011

      Thanks for your comment. We totally agree, colour can be intimidating. We are working with our design team on bringing together further ideas for the blog with the idea of encouraging the use of colour in 2012 – if you have any suggestions we’re open and are listening.

      Thanks again and take care
      Amtico Social Media Team

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