Colour All Round

Colour All Round

Not just for wallpaper and interior accessories, colour is now being added to Amtico flooring to create subtle, bold, traditional or contemporary designed flooring.

Carpets are being taken out and consumers are adding personality to their floors by designing their own colourful flooring with Amitco Signature.   Feeling inspired by art and fashion, consumers are mixing traditional woods with flashes of colour, rainbow stripes and slices of shimmer, set in stone  to create flooring that’s unique to their persona.

Amtico Signature, Abstract Spectrum, Helsinki mixed with Amtico Signature, Stone Cool Light Exposed Concrete.  Herringbone pleat laying pattern8585-HiRes-EQ39SE33FR44CF75-AR0AEQ39EquatorWaveAR0ASE33ShimmerMetalAR0SFR44FragmentMeteorAR0ACF75NapoliLands1300-HiRes-W769CF86CF83CF90-1AR0ACF901250-HiRes-W804CF92CF59CF64CF90-1AR0W8040

Amtico Signature has created a paintbox of colours and finishes including spectrum colours, shimmers and glints to be as courageous or refined as a personality prescribes.

The Room Visualiser  is the perfect, virtual place to play out chosen colours and laying pattern combinations.
For more inspiration, visit the Pinterest board.  Enjoy!















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