Choosing a new floor, have you visited a retailer yet?

Choosing a new floor, have you visited a retailer yet?

Why visit a flooring retailer? We #AskTheRetailer just that to understand the value a retailer can add when buying a flooring.

This week we spoke to Nick Gilbert of Prestige Floor Studio, from Altrincham in Cheshire. He has shared his experience gathered from 10 years of answering floor related questions with us. Take it away Nick…

Choosing a floor – things to consider: In our experience, customers always need a little nudge to get the process started, we generally try and get as much information as possible by asking lots of questions;

  • Where is the floor to be installed?
  • How is the space to be used?
  • Are there are going to be damp dogs, muddy boots or just rugs?
  • How does this room connect to the rest of the house?

We also talk aesthetics, style and colour schemes. We’re looking to understand what our customers want to achieve and the materials in play; work tops, wall tiles, furniture and the overall style that is to be achieved.

Once we have this we can offer the floor we feel would be best suited to them.

Prestige Floor, Cheshire. Amtico herringbone design. Amtico Kitchen

Answer all those nagging questions… Don’t be afraid to ask questions that is part of my job. We’ve answered them all….does Amtico come in a roll, can you lay over existing flooring, why is it so expensive, is it just lino…?

All these sorts of questions lead us to go into more detail about the construction of the Amtico product and why the price is totally justified due to the amount of manufacturing that goes into each tile. We know once the product is fitted the customers appreciate the quality aspects.

Prestige Floor, Cheshire. Amtico Ash Plank design. Amtico Kitchen

Handle the product: Amtico isn’t a product you should buy on the internet, it makes no sense. You need to see the product in natural light, handle it, understand the product and talk to a retailer about it.

Professional installation advice: The most important part of the installation procedure is the subfloor preparation and this needs to be carried out by the company who are supplying the product. We don’t sell Amtico products as a supply only, we offer them as ‘fully installed’ so the customer keeps their guarantee and has a single point of contact.

There is so much more we can help out with, but that is just a taster!

If you’re considering a new floor Nick has shared some great insight into what to expect from a retailer – but if you have any more questions you’d like us to answer leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you or visit our website for information: If you’d like to find a retailer near you search here.

Prestige Floor Studio, Cheshire - Amtico Flooring Supplier and Fitter

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  1. yvonne betts - 07/04/2013

    Hi we are thinking of having a wood floor all downstairs which includes living room,dining room,kitchen,hallway having been to our local store leightons we was advised to go for amtico flooring,we have a black labrador dog and was wondering how many yrs are we going to get out of it,is it hardwearing can i mop it and is it durable an most of all is it warm
    Many Thanks

    • Amtico Blog Team - 08/04/2013

      Hi Yvonne, thanks for getting in touch.

      You can be assured of our commitment to quality and durability we offer a 25 year warranty for our Amtico Signature range and 20 year for Spacia, you can find further warranty information here:

      With regards pets our range is an ideal product for mopping away muddy paws, puppy surprises and cleaning up pet hairs with a simply a brush and a mop. We offer further maintenance advice here:

      If you have any further questions our website is packed with information ( ) alternatively do not hesitate to get in touch with us here or you can speak directly to one of our customer service team (+44 (0) 24 7686 1400)

      Hope that helps and do keep us updated on what you decide.

      Thanks again

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