Can Designers be Creative with Flooring?

Can Designers be Creative with Flooring?

Flooring is not often seen as a surface that offers many opportunities to be creative, show individual personality and be different. It is important to our design team to challenge this perception and a design trade show was a great venue to unleash their creativity and push boundaries.

The brief; alter the traditional perception of floor design. Surprise and delight!

Design cues were drawn from a mix of influences; shapes and forms from the ceiling of a Budapest bar, an Issey Miyake paper dress, the structural references of architecture and origami were all channeled into the design process.

Amtico flooring inspiration 100% Design Show

The finished floor has a feeling of energy, flow and movement; a twisting and turning combination of inter-locking planes which draws the viewer in and showcases our new range of vinyl tiles perfectly.

Karen Quaterman, Senior Designer at Amtico, said: “The broad scope of our material-led inspiration pushed us towards a focus on the structures of component parts found in architectural projects and allowed us to explore the interplay between functionality and style found in modern building design.”

Karen continues: “We hope to show the freedom a designer has with our products. It can be cut and laid in endless combinations and formats whilst retaining its integrity.”

The colour pallet was deliberately restrained for dramatic effect but still managed to show a significant proportion of our new Signature Collection which is marked for public release in January 2012.

Amtico 100% Design - Stand Design


Amtico 100% Design - Stand Design

This floor was showcased at 100% Design as part of this year’s London Design Festival. Has it changed your perception of flooring? What do you think, please do share your thoughts:

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