2012 Design Trend – Traditionalism

In a continuation of our look at the trends for this year, our article this week will be looking at traditionalism and the resurrection of heritage in design.

We are coming through an age of disposable consumerism and struggling to deal with economic and environmental issues the world over. The current backlash against the throw-away culture has manifested itself as a desire in consumers for both familiar and authentic elements in the design of their homes and the products they buy.

The new traditionalist bergereSource: Belle Vivir

The traditionalist trend focuses on interiors steeped in history and established products with cultural heritage. Much of the traditionalist style we’ve seen recently seems to be reminiscent of Regency or Victorian styles -Think dark woods, leather, sturdy well-made furniture, filigree and brass.

Amtico Flooring - Wenga Wood - Basket Weave Layout

Source: Amtico Wenge Wood, Basket Weave layout

A traditionalist space tends to feel homely and warm, lived-in and cosy. Natural materials (or natural-look materials ) and a focus on craftsmanship are high on the list of design cues to achieve this look.

Pavillion Broadway Trunk ArmoireSource: Pavilion Broadway – Trunk Armoire

This trend is set to ride high after the success of period dramas such as Downton Abbey and films like Sherlock Holmes have created inspirational backgrounds for people to base their homes on.

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